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Welcome to Biodanza with Ferdi Scholten in Tilburg
On this website you'll find limited information in english about my weekly classes on monday evenings from 19:30 ~ 22:00 hours. Due to the group process in Biodanza, if you are totally new to biodanza it is not possible to join in at the moment, I have limited openings for new participants. You can however apply to join, in that case I will contact you to discuss how and when you can join. If you have at least 6 months experience you can join in any time, just let me know in advance when you will join in. Full information about the location is available below. You can click the "Ik doe mee" button to let me know you'll join in.

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Biodanza congres 2014 The origins of the word Biodanza are from the following Greek words:
Bios = Life
Danza = Movement with meaning

Biodanza is also known as the "Dance of Life", but instead of dance one could better say movement. Our life is defined by movement. Even if we do nothing at all, we are still moving, for example by breathing.

Biodanza in Tilburg

If you are looking for a Biodanza group to join in Tilburg, you've come to the right place. I have an interesting proposition for you! It is good to know that Biodanza is an evolutionary process, especially when you are new to Biodanza. This means you need to do several classes within the same group before you start to notice the lasting effects of Biodanza. Because of this you can buy a first time only card that is valid for four consecutive classes for only 30 euro's. So if you're new to Biodanza and want to join in, please let me know via e-mail or phone. You can use the form on the contact page to e-mail me.
Do you have Biodanza experience? Please do contact me first if you want to join in. You're very welcome!


Although we try to keep the price for Biodanza as low as possible, perhaps you still cannot afford it. Don't let this stop you to come dancing! Please contact me so we can make a personal arrangement that is within your possibilities.

New to Biodanza? A first time only card valid for 4 consecutive classes is 30 euro


Het scouting gebouwWeekly group: Mondayevening 19:30 ~ 22:00 hr, The Challenge, Rueckertbaan 229, 5042AE Tilburg